StartUp Sourcing, globally

STARTUP Analysts

33entrepreneurs’ analysts
We screen startups all over the globe with our analysts within more than +20 databases, our own database of +12,000 startups. We run Skype interviews before meeting with the startups' teams: we set up many meetups, every month, across the globe. We shake hands and start building a relationship. We check startups' evolution and write actionable business intelligence reports.

33entrepreneurs unique capabilities
Compared to other data providers related to private companies, namely startups, we provide insights with an undisputed depth:

  • 5x more companies
  • 1.3x more deals
  • 2.7x more funding


33entrepreneurs' global network
After having ran more than 45 startup competitions globally (see our #33contests series since 2014), we have an unparalleled network of Ambassadors, who connect us with startups in more than 45 towns : entrepreneurs, VCs, incubators, academics, press.
As visualized on the picture, our network extends to every city with a dot, and namely includes:

  • Europe: Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Jerusalem, Lausanne, London, Lisbon, Milan, Munich, Paris, Tel-Aviv, Venice, Warsaw
  • USA & Canada: Austin TX, Boston MA, Boulder CO, Chicago IL, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, Montréal Canada, New York City, San Francisco CA, Toronto Canada

startup MINING

33entrepreneurs' mining software
With the the support of BPI France, we have developed a software that mines for startups and helps maintaining our data sets. Called perCeval, after the legendary knight’s name in the Quest of the Holy Grail, this software speeds up data collection, maintenance and exploration.

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