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Are you in the F&B, Mobility, Energy or Finance markets? We are here to grow your startup. We provide you with top mentoring and seed-capital investments. We open our corporate partners' infrastructure for you to test your product, to face customers faster & to tap into broader markets.


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Every month, 33entrepreneurs' team of explorers go around the world to deep dive into local entrepreneurial ecosystems. We meet with local talent, with passionate entrepreneurs and innovators.

Check out one of our Events close to your town, or get in touch with us.

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Join #33Club

StartUps which meet our selection requirements and/or win our #33contests are invited to join our #33Club. Then, we help you make a difference, in the long-run, with support services:

Your benefits as #33Club Member:

  • one-week BootCamp
  • support services: HR, PR, Fundraising, Education and Office space
  • connection with world leading corporations in our verticals

> More on our #33Club

Join our Accelerator Program

Leveraging our Network of Partners of world leading corporations, we have set up a comprehensive framework for business acceleration, growth focused. We call it The David & Goliath Dance.

Qualifying to it, you'll get:

  • seed-investments
  • top mentoring
  • purchase agreements of your product by our corporate Partners, which literally act as launchpad for your sales

> More on our Acceleration Program



Why? Only teams win, not projects! Based on this strong belief, we invite all startups joining our #33Club to first spend a week with us, in our facilities, in Bordeaux, France. We want to know you, personally, in real life.

What? During a week in Bordeaux, you'll tap into our network to refine your ideas. It is a five days long intense series of meetings with Mentors, Corporations, Customers to help you make a difference.

How? You fly to Bordeaux. We facilitate accomodation. You work in our gorgeous facilities in Bordeaux historic and magnificient downtown. We will also guide you through Bordeaux' wonders: restaurants, vineyards...

Support Services

We both know it takes up to 10-years to build a profitable Company. This is why we set up our #33Club, to support you in the long run. Based on our BootCamp, we adjust our support to your needs and expectations.

>HR We assist you in defining  jobs, in promoting offers and in pre-selecting profiles with adequate business cases to solve.

> PR We help you defining an adequate media plan and leveraging our own contacts.

>Fundraising We will introduce you to Business Angels across Europe.

> Office Space in Bordeaux with free Wifi, Coffee, and new folks to meet with.

> NEW Education Program in entrepreneurship with IHEIE accredited by Mines ParisTech, UC Berkeley and Technion. -to be launched in 2017

Connection with world leaders

Let us confess you one thing: being based in Europe, all the principles of the US acceleration industry does work differently. We discovered it the hard way. This is why we developed the "David & Goliath Dance" framework to boost innovation.

> Market Leaders We are proud to gather a Network of Partners, all world leading corporations in Beverage, Food or Hospitality.
> NEW Sales You might become an innovative supplier of our Partners, with pre-agreed significant sales package that is usually in the range of €33,000.

As a #33Club member, we will introduce you to our Network of Partners, as soon as we think you are ready to dance with them. If you are selected by one of our Partner, you will qualify to our next  Acceleration Program, securing seed-investments and sales to grow faster.

Acceleration program

Validate Team Fit

Your startup's team has been selected to work with one of our corporate Partner, the Co. We trigger investments. Together with the Co's managers, we make sure all interests are align to turn the alliance with the Co into a replicable business success. 

Reduce: risk of getting killed by the Co
Increase: commitment from the Co
Timeframe: up to 1 month

Validate Product Fit

As soon as the first validation is obtained, we design a sandbox for your to test your product with the Co, under real conditions: you get paid for your service. Your product faces customers with high expectations. It's all about extreme execution.

Reduce: non alignment with the Co
Increase: sales even during POC
Timeframe: 6 to 9 months

Accelerate your growth

As soon as the sandbox test is ok, things might accelerate beyond a point you had not imagined yet. Your Co might show you what going at scale means. David goes on Goliath's shoulders, to go faster, further, stronger.

Reduce: time to market
Increase: scale effects
Timeframe: tailormade schedule

> More on our relationships and business model with corporations